Access Society Membership

We want to involve and include every climber and mountaineer in B.C., and everyone who supports our goals. We encourage you to support your Access Society.

  1. Join in the Access Society's work – become a member, donate time or money, come to a volunteer event. Get involved!
  2. Learn about access issues in your area, and help with them. Encourage your friends, climbing gym, and retailer to do the same. Get organized, and get educated!
  3. Reduce your real and perceived impacts on the human and natural environments of our cliffs and mountains.

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Anyone who supports our goals can join the Access Society. You don't have to be a member to be involved, and you can make a donation without being a member. Membership is annual, and members receive:

  • A newsletter (website or post)
  • Current information and access alerts on the website and by e-mail
  • The opportunity to support the Access Society (more members = more influence)
  • The opportunity to participate in member and special events

Website Contributions Needed

We need some help with the website:

  1. Corrections and additions. (We try to ensure it's current, complete and accurate, but make no promises.)
  2. Suggestions on improvements to layout and design. (We hope eventually to make the website map-based, rather than text. You could click on an area or name on a map, and read about what's happening there.)
  3. Volunteers to help with various Access Society activities around B.C. - there's lots, if you look through the website.

All ideas and submissions to info(at) or webmaster(at)

Submit Photos

We want the website to include photos of climbing in B.C., of B.C.'s cliffs and mountains, and illustrating access issues. We hope to eventually rotate pictures through the website - each time you look at a page, the picture will be different. There may also be a photo-archive, for access issue and Access Society related photos.

We need perhaps 50 photos to do this well. We are asking that members donate attractive photos. Criteria:

  • .jpeg or .png format
  • Preferably under 1MB file size, must be under 5MB.
  • Must be of cliffs, mountains or climbing in B.C.
  • Must provide a title and date.
  • Name and consent of anyone identifiable required.

All submissions are welcome, and photographers will be credited. Historical photos are also welcome. Send photos to info(at) If you have comments, questions, or suggestions about our new website, send them to the same address, or to webmaster(at)

Charitable Status

The Access Society became a registered charity at the end of March 2004, and can now issue Canadian tax receipts for donations. Our constitutional objects are:

2. The purposes of the society are to:
a) Provide public access to the cliffs and mountains of British Columbia,
b) Conserve the cliffs and mountains of British Columbia, and support their use by the public,
c) Construct and maintain trails, facilities and structures among the cliffs and mountains of British Columbia,
d) Conduct scientific research relating to the cliffs and mountains of British Columbia, and issues related to public access to them, and publish the results of that research, (and general and ancillary purposes).

To make a donation, simply send your check and a completed membership/donation form, so we know where to send the receipt.

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