Regions - Lower Mainland - Sully's Hangout

Authorities representing the Lower Seymour Conservation Area (LSCR) have decided not to permit rock climbing in the LSCR. Nor will they be responsible for, or manage, the Sully’s Hangout climbing area which lies within its borders. However, at this time LSCR personnel will not specifically prevent persons from climbing within the LSCR. Any person who chooses to rock climb within the LSCR does so absolutely at their own risk. A sign will be posted at the LSCR stating their position.

Anyone choosing to climb within the LSCR should inform themselves of the LSCR's position before going. Keeping the Sully’s Hangout climbing area open to climbers will require that climbers obey LSCR rules at all times while present in the LSCR and that they respect without question the wishes of LSCR personnel and/or any signs posted regarding climbing in the LSCR or the climbing area.

There will be no organized trail building relating to rock climbing, or posting of any information regarding or promoting the climbing area within the LSCR.



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