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The Lower Malamute remains closed to climbing, despite rumours to the contrary. BC Rail has been sold to Canadian National Railway, but this does not necessarily imply any change in the situation. CN plans significant changes to management and administration, but is committed to continuing to use the North Vancouver - Lillooet section of the line for freight for at least five years. There are also companies interested in starting tourist train tours using the line.

The Access Society will approach the new managers at CN about access to the Lower Malamute. However, trains will continue to use the tracks for the foreseeable future, and we assume that operations staff, including railway police, will continue to do their jobs. BC Rail considered anyone climbing on its right-of-way at the Lower Malamute to be a trespasser, subject to arrest and $115 fines. CN will likely continue this policy, and we will immediately publicize any developments otherwise.

The railway right-of-way extends for eight metres (25 feet) horizontally on each side of the centre of the tracks, and then vertically. Many climbs at the Lower Malamute, and access routes, are on the right-of-way, as are climbs at 'Slopers', south of Murrin Park. The signs by the tracks say "No Trespassing. Trespassing on railway property is illegal and extremely dangerous. Trespassers will be prosecuted." One sign was bolted on at the base of Clean Crack. B.C. Rail personnel and equipment helped with the evacuation of two injured climbers from the Clean Crack area in 2003, and on one of those occasions a train was delayed.



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