February 2013


Annual Report

written by Peter Winter

You can view our Annual Report here:

January 2013


New route hardware discount now available.

written by Vince Hempsall

In addition to supplying hardware for retro-bolting projects, CASBC has been able to negotiate a substantial discount (25%) on hardware from MEC.

The following prices are available to CASBC members only:

• Fixe 3/8" Bolt Hangers: $1.58
• Fixe 3/8" Rap Hangers: $4.50
• Hilti KB3 3/8" x 3" Bolts: $2.03
• Hilti KB3 3/8" x 2 1/4" Bolts: $2.33
• Fixe 3/8" Belay/Rap Station: $11.63
• Fixe 3/8" Chain Anchor with Ring: $10.50
• Fixe Descending Ring: $2.70
• Fixe Glue-in Rap Hanger: $4.50
• Fixe 12mm Bolt Hanger: $1.58
• Fixe 8mm Maillon: $2.18
• Fixe 12mm Drill Bit: $10.88
• Fixe Triplex 12mm Bolt: $3.68
• Fixe 10mm Maillon: $3.30
• Fixe Clip Gym Carabiner: $3.53

To be eligible for these discounts, you must be a member of CASBC and you need to submit your order (item description and quantity of each) to info@access-society.ca before February 12, 2013.


Logging still planned......

for Stillwater bluffs [issues]

written by Peter Winter

Logging is still being planned for Stillwater. Please view the following links for more information and how you can help.



A Small Victory re: Darkwoods

for Kootenays

written by Vince Hempsall

CASBC celebrated a small victory in November when the Nature Conservancy of Canada concluded that, given their insurance requirements, our organization could apply for the standard access permit which will allow vehicle access from July to September, on weekends only, to the Darkwoods area. This includes access to Topaz Tower and other potential big-wall climbing areas off Jersey, Blazed, Topaz and Porcupine roads.

This area has been an ongoing access concern for a number of years. In 2008 the NCC purchased a 55,000 hectare block of land south of Nelson known as Darkwoods. Public access to this land had been severely restricted by the previous owner (a German Duke who logged the land extensively), and the NCC had significantly tightened those restrictions, effectively closing public access to the alpine rock routes on the granite batholith of Mt Hulme as well as many scrambling peaks. Two years ago the Kootenay Mountaineering Club met with the NCC to discuss possibilities for allowing some public access to climbing objective within Darkwoods and access was granted.

However, because of the regional changes to the NCC, access permission was lost in the shuffle and climbers were again told they could not get into Darkwoods. Further negotiations ensued and the new regional office of the NCC has decreed we can apply for permission to once again enter Darkwoods.

This application process has now begun.

CASBC and TAWKROC ink agreement

for Kootenays

written by Vince Hempsall

The Association of West Kootenay Rock Climbers has finalized an historic agreement with the Climbers’ Access Society of BC.
The two organizations have inked a deal that sees TAWKROC (an unincorporated assocation based in Nelson) become a Chapter of CASBC (an incorporated society based in Vancouver). This marks the first time an external organization has become a “chapter” of CASBC.
According to Vince Hempsall, the secretary of TAWKROC and the Kootenay representative of CASBC, the agreement made sense because both organizations had similar mandates. CASBC, which was founded in 1995, is primarily concerned with public access and conservation of cliffs and mountains around the province and TAWKROC, founded in 2010, supports and promotes the responsible development and maintenance of safe rock climbing areas in the West Kootenays.
“This agreement is mutually beneficial,” says Hempsall. “CASBC now has defined representation in the Kootenay region and TAWKROC has access to the significant resources of CASBC.”
The groups have worked together in the past on two projects including the construction of the new access stairs at the Hall Siding area near Ymir. CASBC donated close to $2,000 in materials for that project and TAWKROC directors and volunteers worked a total of 16 hours over two days on it.
The second project revolved around the upgrade of anchors at Kinnaird Bluffs in Castlegar, arguably the oldest climbing area in the Kootenays. Routes started being developed there in the 1960s and many have rusted or inadequate anchors. TAWKROC submitted a proposal to CASBC to get funding to replace 15 anchors and, through a mutual program with Mountain Equipment Co-op, was given the hardware to do so. Dave Lussier and Vince Hempsall, both founding directors of TAWKROC, started the upgrades yesterday and will continue over the next month. For more on their progress, log on to the “Anchor Upgrades at Kinnaird” post.
“I’m really excited about how much we’ll be able to accomplish now that the logistics of partnering the two organizations are finalized,” says Hempsall.
For more about TAWKROC, log on to www.tawkroc.org.

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